OH_ O House




This project is made up of a series of houses & the landscape that links them together. The structures were in various stages of disrepair and the project called to renovate them on a restricted budget. The traditional character of each house was maintained yet clearly distinguished from the other by defining a distinct colour code. The landscape was designed on axis to counter the organic nature of the satellite buildings. The project was realized through a close working relation with the contractor/local craftsman who worked with verbal and not drawn instructions & guidelines. Local materials were used where ever possible but in non-conventional ways. The gardens were also planted with indigenous herbs & plants. The aim of the project is to become a self-sufficient community using only solar & wind power (a solar H20 heating panel was installed). No cooling system is needed due to the nature of the thick stone walls, fire places are the source for heat during the cold seasons. A vineyard and orchard will be planted in the next phase of the project.

project: O House
location: Cyprus
role: Architect (renovation)
date: 2007-present
status: Continuing

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