TS_ 2176 House

Nicosia, Cyprus

4. TS

2176 House is a private residence located on the edge of the Pedios River.  There are two facade types in this project. One for the public (which conceals) the other for the inhabitants (which exposes) the interior.  Within the shell lies a series of indoor-outdoor spaces that are flexible and can act as rooms or courtyards.  Sliding wood panels and a wrapping wood skin allow for further levels of transparency and/or concealment.  An artist gallery space is located on the ground floor, which deals with issues of how the public enters into the private realm.

project: 2176 House
location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Phase 1: Architect at the office of Paris Philippou @  J&A Philippou Architects
Phase 2: Independent architect_designed the interior, all details and finishes
date: 09.2005-01.2009
status: built

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