E9_ Europan 9

Clermont-Ferrand, France

European competition for young urban and architectural design professionals.

E9_ EUROPAN 9_ European competition for young urban and architectural design professionals.


The goal of the project is to insert a new ground that acts to connect existing buildings, connect a disparate city, and create spaces for soft circulation (bike paths, walking paths). This fully-functioning inhabitable platform or ‘insert’ is used to answer the needs of the site, the clients, and the programmatic requirements. It serves to link distinct areas of the city both physically and visually. Sterra also seeks to re-define the concept of a ‘building’, the inserted ground plane is filled with program (either at the existing ground level, or from beneath it at basement level) and links the alienated buildings that currently occupy the site to one another. Interior, exterior, or semi-covered spaces are created within or on the periphery of the platform: shifting typical interpretations of urban territories. The ‘inserted platform’ widens to physically become the theaters, offices, housing units, shops, municipal spaces, or parking. The platform is manipulated to allow it to both touch the existing ground and be cantilevered out from it, so that it can function as a park, a bike path, a running track, or a viewing platform.

project: Europan 9
location: Clermont-Ferrand. France
role: Project Coordinator & Architect w/ M. Hadjisoteriou
Phase 1 Architects: Alessandra Swiny, Maria Hadjisoteriou, A. Dimitrakopoulos
Phase 2 Development: Alessandra Swiny, Maria Hadjisoteriou
consultants: Philippe
collaborators: Dermont Foley Landscape Architects, Krystallia Kamvasinou
date: 2008-2010

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* Any work (either image, concept or text) contained in this website is copyrighted by the authors and cannot be reproduced in the original or a modified form, in parts or as a whole, without the written permission of Alessandra Swiny.



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